Thursday, November 6, 2008

My hero..err..or my heroine!!


on the way back from her "nanima's" (grandma) house, she grabbed the mothers sunglass and gaya'ed a bit with it thru most of the journey back all the way from PD.....
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Monday, October 6, 2008


everytime i go back to the countless number of snapshots i have of my angels, i keep reminiscing the moments i have with them every single day...for example this pic...she must be abt 5-6 months old...the cuteness and the way she look at me every time...thats including my other angel too anyway, i.e. my case she reads this..I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

When i was still a jailbird!!!

ah...the old days...while my hair was still fully loaded, moustache and goatee along.....and the weight of 90 kilos plus...those were the days I long for the weekend to meet my lovely mom back at the hometown...counting my days over the week....anyway, my reputation as the Irritator was a long standing achievement that I held for quite some time...the latest is towards my honey bun as per the post before this.....just another rambling of mine......
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Thats what she might say when she can talk properly...


hhahhahahha....not quite sufficed whilst playing with her, i tend to irritate her recently as she tends to play with her being the usual self always tries to carry her, play catch and lock and so on...but somehow or rather i sense that she might be saying those words to me in due time!!!! you have to grow so fast pumpkin.....
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Friday, September 26, 2008

How a mannequin can save excessive use of manpower

wah wah wah...i've been passing this stretch of the notorius Tun Razak road (Ring Road 1) opposite the IJN almost everyday but failed to notice this 'guy' doing his work without fail, rain or shine actual after close inspection only i found out that 'he' is actually a mannequin fixed with a moving arm (motorized)to warn road users of the ongoing works at the i wish my company and the related peers can adopt this kinda mechanism in the bussines to replace countless numbers of traffic controllers required to work nonstop during heavy rain and extreme hot condition....of course the cant fully replace all the manpowers that are currently being employed by these companies but i reckon selective usage of this source will enable more productivity output by the current employees as this resources can be used at a more needing area or place...i might have a little chat with my boss and see what can he give me back as the the mean time, do check out this guy while the construction lasts...........
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wonders of picasa!!!


wow..i just bumped into this software..picasa by google..its wonderful for amateur's like me n look what i did to a cute baby pic i had in my keeping all this doubt u all cant see the differences between the original pic and the one i posted here but it had impressed me!!! gonna do more in future...
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Monday, September 15, 2008

wahahhah.....ive been looking for this one for a very long time!

from the right, lemme try recalling their form 5 class.....starting from me (the class monitor), cikgu noh supaat (history), cikgu khairy, puan indrani (science),cik yang (puan noraini hasbollah - geography), puan samsiah raji (class teacher also commerce), puan rokian (english), some ustazah (forgot her name), my favorite bm teacher (cikgu asiah), cikgu nuri (senilukis aka arts) and sudin songkok my deputy.

The girls i dont remember much except for Daisy, Lailawati,Sapariah, Haniza, Norazamimah and Farizan...

The boys standing at the back, from left..Kachang Panjang, Kamal, Sallehuddin, SHanmugam Tetek Lendut, Kumar Botak (aka Mulut Busuk 1), Ravi Suara Kechii, Jeyaganth (Mulut Busuk 2), Isrorudin, Mahathir, Forgotten One, Bob, A'oun, Rahmat, Sanusi and last but not least King Kong (total package of Busuk)!!!

Sorry guys if any one of u came across this blog and got hurt by my rants...hahhahahaha, the hell u are!!!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

she can really cook!!!!!!!!

waahhhh!! she can really cook la....lucky me!!!!!!!

How i wish i could turn back the time!

hmmmm....looking at the pic do brings back a lotsa memories back to gramps and elder bro had passed on.....both resulting in a major emptiness in myself, of course i managed to get over it in time but i do sometimes relishes what would it be like if the guys who had left the family forever (including mommy dearest) is still around within us (i do like to believe that spiritually theyre all are still around)....the pic actually depicts the actual relationship we three brothers had with our gramps, us being the first grandchilds of the family....he'd been always very sporting with us...i still remember my primary school days, hardly he missed a day in visiting me during recess time bringing breakfast for me and even my gang...i did not much appreciated it during those days but now even thinking about it makes my eyes glassy.....countless numbers of automatic wrist watches he gave to me and my bros...seiko's and other brands...the talk we had with him whenever he pays us visits...never an average old man...a perfectionist, very calm during crisis...i cant even think one single negative aspect abt this old man...however, my last contact with him always made me feeling guilty even up to this moment..two days before he passed away i had a quarrel with him (not that serious but him being very sensitive towards me, i guess he was a bit taken aback when i argued with him when he asked me to repair my uncle's mobile phone)---> i was a techie freak back then..deep down inside he knows that i adore him, and i do love him more than he can ever imagined...i guess it must have been 13-14 years already since he'd passed away but the memories i had with him is still fresh just like it has happened yesterday......

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hairy backs, butts and bulging out tummies!!

hahha..look at that pic...from left Daud Kilau, Lou, Kumar, Beast, Me, Udin Samsu and the Maybank Training Centrein Bangi....circa 2000-2001 if my memories serve me justice....quite a competitive team we had even though the age factor was a disadvantage as most of the members are halfway dinosaurs...hahhaha..anyway, looking at the pic do brings back some sweet memories especially with teams named as "Minsara Kanavu" and "Viva Padayappa".........i whacked someone's balls in that actually kicking them!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

hmmm...dunno what to say la!!!

hahhahh...that the only word that came to my mind upon looking back at this doubt the scene was play righted but it does paint a thousand question for someone who are looking at it for the first time...after the game at Padang Telekom Semarak of which we lost also....i did the so call despicable act i.e. i 'saifulled' zul the goal keeper....and note the other person in line to join me, you can actually see him getting ready is the Batik Shirt Kumar....hahhahha...see for yerself...comments are very much appreciated since i've been receiving hundreds of them since the blog started...hahahhah

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pictures and old friends.....

rummaging thru my old items, i came across this album which contained a number of pics that i had lost track long time fact i cant seem to recall a lotsa faces in the album due to the deteriorating memories of mine...however, to keep the memories intact, i am uploading a number of them into this blog and try to explain as much as i can on the photographs and its such have some patience and try to bear with me (even though i doubt a person will ever come across this page anyway)......

look at that action la...i am actually performing a traditional malay dance called zapin against the fella from the PKNS team...unfortunately we lost heavily of which i lost count of the countless number of goals scored against my team....but as the team motto says "Biar Kalah, Asalkan Happy" we enjoyed the game nevertheless.....hahhahh and the date shows its been a long ten years already!!!

this was the less than perfect soccer team that i can proudly say i was a member for a long time...disbanded after so long and members that i had long ceased any contact except for one or two chaps....the monkey standing to the most right is Raja Kudung (indeed he is kudung because his right arm ends at his wrist due to a childhood accident and he was my buddy back from the school days), sitting on the extreme left is Beast aka Fendi now with Exim Bank, sitting extreme left is Kamarul (dunno where is he now), standing from left is Zul (our lousy goal keeper or more aptly known as Jaga Reban), an unknown guy and then me (if u look closely u can see my eyes are red coz these are my wildest times (the game was after a heavy nite of boozing and yg berkaitan, no responsibility, cash is in abundance, lotsa2 friends and so on...after me azhan, a friend and a close accomplice and then amir, i guess he is with Alliance Bank now...
hahha....semarak telekom field..against Bank Islam..another lost...but look at the way my team members and me walking and talking while in a game...hahhahha....we enjoyed the games to the max....
im as the last man (sweeper) for the team...too tired after much action...note the bandanna still on...however this was the last game the bandanna has gone went missing after that.....

me, azhan and kumar with the baju batik...we were in seventh heaven after that loss....hahha...even the camera knew to produce a hazy pic for the moment....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Problem......with the car!!!

For the past two weeks ive been having problem with the car...not that its serious but its just pure pain in the keeps jerking especially in lower gears when the rpm is under gets even worse when climbing uphill....told my wife that the culprit could be the spark plugs as it has not been changed since 40k service and now its already 60k odd....however i continued driving to find out the actual gOD it was agonising when the car kept misfiring and it does takes out the joy of driving....anyway it got to my nerve and at last on the 28 august i had to bring it to my mechanics and get it suspicion was downward right as the spark plug system is the culprit but however i have to change the whole cabling as the faulty cables caused the misfiring....hence the car is a joy to be driven again...i even washed it myself with my old man around today.....usually its a trip to the local car wash stop...hehheh...anyway, keep your safety at the max during this festive and holiday season to keep everyone happy..just to share my expenses, i post herewith the bill for the repair, but dont worry it had been fully paid....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Badminton and Nasi Kerabu!!!

what and odd combination heh....but somehow or rather, i like the similarities and connection...not anything subjective though, but since i had that scrumptious nasi kerabu dinner after the badminton game at Goodyear Court 10 Subang Jaya last month, i am addicted to the extent of calling my colleagues early in the morning to 'ta pau' for me the delicious meal from the road side stall at the Kinrara Army Camp....tak kenal maka tak sayang...most (mostly non-malays) of you all most probably never had this meal or even heard about it but i tried it long time ago whilst still schooling but never really had a craving for it ever since...but since that dinner at Nabir's house after the racquet game, im hooked to it already.....the minced fish with grated coconut, all the raw vegetables cut into tiny pieces, fried fish with a choice of chicken or beef, the cooked budu and the hot know for most of you it sounds disgusting but once tried never let go , had no problem in adapting to Malay eating culture as i grew up in a malay community and most of my friends are malays anyway....badminton anyway had became a very frequent affair for almost all of the operations dept guys in my company...kinda proud with it as the first move was initiated by me and it had became a craze eversince...last month collections for the game itself had touched RM700...impressive even though its necessary as the shuttlecocks are quite expensive nowadays....enough of my ramblings for today...a bit pissed off with the road condition for this morning due to the stupid road blocks ....see ya again soon!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Work and work....

i couldnt care less to bother you guys who reads my ramblings (if there is anyone ..hummpph) with my working life and so on....early morning meetings with govt crapheads had made me into a monotonous self inflicted boredom sticked human being....i am rambling in the meetings....nearly said the 'f' word to an arse in the meeting and of course i did not as my boss had cooled me usual i proceeded with the formal malay (its not a boast factor but i am well known for my oratory skills in malay...cheewahhhh), in the end i managed to resolve some urgent matters without losing any important income for the company (not that im gonna be rewarded with something) but as my boss said, thats part of the job (i say bullshit). Anyway, i had to arrange for some important things after the meeting resulting in a trip to the dreaded KL on a beautiful saturday morning (26 July 2008) to monitor the outcome of my phone arrangements. As usual, working as a parking attendant is really hectic and the uniform sucks (hahhahhahhah).......luckily the people im working with are well mannered and cultured hence certain amount of difficulties during working hours and resolved amicably....thats all la for now...a bit sleepy as i just got back from the Pasar Borong Sri Kembangan as usual on a friday nite after a dinner at DTandoor Subang is mediocre but i think my champion Vinithaa loved the ambiance....anyway im retiring for now....good day ahead for all of u..if any!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

it has been 21 years as of today...21 years since my second eldest brother passed away....time seems to fly over these years...though sometimes i wonder whether his memories had been permanently erased from the banks of my mind but i think thats impossible....impossible due to the fact the kind of brotherly relationship i had with him....its seems like a far away memory the time i had cherished with him and now during my lonely times i long for the company....friends, thats how i can easily describe my relationship with him...even though he can be a pest at most of times, i guess thats just because my age which is always considered as a kiddy in the house....i can imagine how the relationship will be if he is alive and kicking with all of us now...but i guess his time is counted short on that dreaded day...i can still remember, after my mid term exams, i enjoyed so much in the school with friends, took the bus to get back home, the moment i went down at the main road i saw my eldest bro in a motorbike asking me to get back home and i was still in the dark until i get back home...from there onwards, my mind was like in a autopilot, everything seems to pass in slow motion....ahhh...there i go again...reminiscing old unnecessary moments...

anyway, we're doing a small prayers in the house today, not to remember his death or to give food for his soul, take it as a celebration for the colourful despite short life he had with all of us...."We started the race together, though you finished the race earlier, ill be looking for you at the gates of heaven, wait for me my dear bro"......RIP!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Joy oh Joy!!

Remember my earlier post about the training apparatus at the commonwealth park....guess what, its all back and what made me joyous to the max is all the equipments are the new models with ability to work out numerous group of body for all of u so call fitness freaks who were forced to sign up for the colourful and bullcraps such as fiftenss firts (fitness first hahha) and cal fitness and so on, QUIT and come enjoy the free ride that had been provided by the government (even though they are actually killing us thru the oil price and so on). All included which is cardio and muscle workout....and for those who needs to exercise their iris and cornea (eyes la), there is a whole lot of 'scenery' to watch out for also...check out the pics...even though the equipments are still unusable as the cement works are still not completed but the things are still in their plastic last! FOOOOOH!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trying to be fit and healthy!!!!

nevertheless thats the word for the past two months..hehhe....i have been jogging, lightweight training and most importantly involved in badminton (not "bed"minton) and soccer just to bring back my old fitness level hence the waistline i used to adorn of the venue that i frequent is the commonwealth park at the bukit jalil vicinity as it has the free version of the weight training hardware's and furthermore i dun much believe in the fitness craze that has been washing all over quite recently such as the celebrity fitness, fitness first and the other craps.....however, imagine my wrath last week as i finished my daily jog around the lake and after washing my eyes with some beautiful sights, the apparatus for the training had been all dismantled most probably by the park management and a stupid laminated notice is displayed on the ground saying "Peralatan sedang Diselenggara"...ooi bring back la the things....already they'd dismantled the whole lot previously leaving behind only 2 machines, now itu dua pun sudah hilang...camne la aku nak are attached for grieving is necessary...note..back in my teenage years i used to squat 200lbs with a bench press of almost 150lbs...imagine how powerful i was...hahhahhah...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My car fuel tank cheated me!!

hmmph..thats what actually happened for the past 1.5 weeks....i din do much like wht others do on the eve of the price hike....queuing up at petrol stations like maddies to fill up their tanks...but is did made me think when i went over to the station to fill up after 4 days later....i drive a middle class man car...a Hyundai...of which it used to be about RM80 for a maximum full when i did another fill up after the hike i thot itll be abt RM10 extra...but im wrong....yesterday, dad came down to visit his granddaughter (my girl) and as usual he took the public transport as he believes driving down is too much (cant blame him) and i have to go to the stupid Puduraya to fetch him..i do know that the car has already running on fumes as the tank is totally empty when i reached the dreaded Jln Tun i stopped at the Caltex beside Tan&Tan to fill up...i paid RM90 to the cashier and started to do the necessary....imagine my shock as i entered the car the tank showed only 2/3rd full....i went down to check whether my tanks is leaking but its i have to add another RM20 to add up the such, a full tank now will cost me an approx of RM110...

thanks to the government...and now i have to look for a better paying job.......

Thursday, May 1, 2008

3 stitches after!!!

my wife requested me to make chicken curry that weekend...i guess it was the 30/ with the enthusiasm like a child who is going to have his first bicycle (or "bacheh" according to my little one) ride, woke up early and started cooking....but no...i like super sharp knives to do the cutting so i decided to sharpen it with the high grade carborundum stone i bought last time..after about 6-7 friction after made the movement much faster and thats when the tragedy struck...i've cut my thumb at the connecting point to the palm...blood everywhere, wife and the maid was dumbstruck, dunno wht to do, and i had to wrap the hand with a bandanna i bought 10-13 years ago (skull design) and head on to the nearest reliable hospital i.e. The Columbia Medical centre, but unfortunately the locum in charge made a hasty job...3 stitches after i went back home and had to wait for another week to open back the whole thing...anyway it took 3 complete weeks to heal properly even though now i do have occasional pricking pain at the area...see the pics for a clear careful with ur knives....

Friday, April 25, 2008

Is this a BLOG????

is this a blog..effectively??? yeah yeah, for those who have been passing thru this blog by reading the ramblings ive entered without any remarks, that could pose as a valid query..but what am i doing here.......THE ANSWER...its not just something that i do to follow the lot, it seems nowadays every Tom, DICK and Harry have their own blog...but ME...naaaahhh!!! Lemme take you all back, hmmmmmm lets say 15 years ago...while i was still stooping around in secondary school...i have no habit of keeping a diary, though i did have a worn out scrap book, of which i scrabbled some stupid compositions and short stories just for the sake of fun. It does make fun of some people around me at most, and friends that had a chance to read it really enjoyed it and laughed to the max. However, this blog is not targeted to have the same effect as the scrap book of which is it is most of u souls will never even bother to read the rest as most of the writings will be extreme in all sense...anyway, of with that..mothers day is comin, just around the corner...last year with my daughter still 4 months old plus i sent my wifey a card on behalf of her....still thinking what to do for this year ....maybe ill get a enlightenment soon which of course ill update here...till then...adios amigos!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Free at last, free at last, Thanks GOD Almighty, we're free at last!!

quoting the great Reverend Martin Luther King's famous words..i think it still does not suit our community down here in this great country as oppression is still the middle of the govt..wht is freedom of speech (the only freedom i guess is more on the cyber space which might be controlled on the near future)...publication permit not continued...these are part of the hurdles that we have to face in the current ongoing affairs of the is unfair but definitely we do not need and unGodly intervention by humans to make it much worse. My job hunting days when i stopped work at a financial institution (after almost 8 years of unappreciated dog work) i was jobless for almost 9 months with a temporary attachment with a govt consultancy body for contractors (i was not called a govt staff still) whereby the pay was a meager allowance of RM500 which is not even enough for my monthly car installments (by the way it was twice close to repossession) and the end was a bitter pill for me to swallow as it has ended abruptly without a single notice from them. Those 9 months was total misery as i wake up early in the morning to send my gf (now wife and mother of my daughter) to work, i would stop by the roadside and look at all the ppls going to work and comparing myself to them...i do had some support from certain parties i.e. my gf, dad and my mil (mother in law)..however back to my job hunting many interviews i attended which most of them ended when the interviewer sees me walking in into the room and realising that im and Indian (oops i think thats the wrong word to use as Indians do have a wide meaning..correcting myself ---> as a Tamillian). I guess they were dumb enough to realize that im a tamillian by looking at a/l or s/o acronyms in the application forms. I know that being a tamillian in this country i had already lost 50% of my chance of going through the interview process when i go to any interviews during my tenure as a jobless man..however, hope is not something that i lose or take for is one of the pillar i had during those days...countless days spent looking at the ocean and swamps (in PD) and the pressure that i was in could've even prompted others to attempt suicide however sanity is always there for me....i have a job now, a job that i am proud of even though i am only a parking attendant (hehheh) but i do provide a lots of souls who are in the same predicament that i went through during those days a chance of reviving their least that the only thing i can do to give them a fair chance of obtaining a proper job as to pay their bills and so on knowing that they have 50% lesser chance of getting a proper my word i still think that we are not that free actually at least for the current moment.....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

boy oh boy, looking at this picture surely does brings back a lots of memories of the good old being a very much happy traveler truly brought us around for outings and picnics and also he does throw around parties quite often in the house...but to tell the truth its very hard for me to recall a memory of which i can imagine my family being in whole coz its has been so so long...second bro aka Ramesh anne (the extreme right guy in the pic) had passed away long time ago when he was 15 (if im not wrong the date was 21/7/1987), really do missed him sometimes coz i was very close to him and i do remember some of the code words we used to use in the house those days to avoid my moms attention...and mom had passed away five years ago, one of the biggest blow in my life...but what to do, life has to go on...i got married and now i have a beautiful daughter, would cherish each and every minute of my moments with i feel what does my parents felt with all three of us...i'd love to listen to them whenever the boasts about us to others..just like what i like to do now with my have to be a parent to know that feeling..thank GOD i was blessed with this gift...but coming back to old memories, since im already a parent now, sometimes i feel very guilty thinking about some things i did in my past such as being angry to my parents and going against them..especially now that mom had passed away its much heart wrenching..sometimes i do sit down with dad talking about the good old days and reminisce the lesson i have learnt is cherish ur each and every moment with ur loved ones coz one fine day someone gonna look back into the old albums and have some very sweet memories about the photograph they are looking at!!! You wouldnt wanna leave any bad memories arent you???

Friday, March 21, 2008

Self Exam!!

my God this crap is funny as hell.....found it while surfing the net some time ago..just posted it here for you all to cherish!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Food Hunting

after watching numerous food hunting shows in AFC and the travel channel, i did start my own food searching adventures by probing certain stalls around the vicinity that i live and work and wallah, to my surprise i did find some interesting galores that i've been missing all the start with, the nasi lemak stall (RA Nasi Lemak) at Jalan Raja Alang after Wilayah Complex, the nasi is so succulent and much-much better than the antarabangsa one....curry me at 928 in Bandar Puteri Puchong (there is a number but look for the old and lovely chinese nyonya with a mole on her cheek) my good Lord, the kari is so thick and makes ur nose drip....chee cheong fun and Jalan Pasir Bedamar in Teluk Intan my hometown, no fight la kawan, i know quite a number of stalls in Klang Valley do boast by flashing signboards saying"Teluk Intan Chee Cheong FUn" but its nowhere close la. The original one boasts a hefty sum of dried prawns or pork and spring onions and not served with the sauce, but with pickled chillies, and one more thing that Teluk Intan boasts is the Tau Sar Pneah's la....roti canai used to be good at the Sri Melur outlets all around but its a history now as the quality had deteriorated much, i still remember one stall at bangsar near the klinik kesihatan where the mamu prepares a special prawn curry concoction that goes really well with the dhal curry combo...Insaf Restoran's briyani is a must but the price can make u Insaf too....teh tarik also known as teh dangdut at the Lorong Tiong Nam near Chow Kit is a must try too and if u r a tea connoiseur, try Teh Kepala at Restoran Hanifah opposite UKM Faculty at Chow Kit also....potted rice at Bidor, my super favourite la, lup cheong, salted fish, spring onion, succulent chicken meat, muuuuaahhh i love it......

Friday, March 14, 2008

hmmph...mainstream media!!!

today marks the 1 month anniversary of me not reading the local newspapers plainly because im disgusted with the ethics...what a bunch of craps....n even listening to the tv stations also makes me swirl into a sea of madness...wht is happening to this country la....aiyooo....anyway, what matters now is we've managed to rock the boat by doing the right thing last saturday...let us hope that the new company will do better than the previous one as changes are very much needed for the goodness of all....