Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trying to be fit and healthy!!!!

nevertheless thats the word for the past two months..hehhe....i have been jogging, lightweight training and most importantly involved in badminton (not "bed"minton) and soccer just to bring back my old fitness level hence the waistline i used to adorn before....one of the venue that i frequent is the commonwealth park at the bukit jalil vicinity as it has the free version of the weight training hardware's and furthermore i dun much believe in the fitness craze that has been washing all over quite recently such as the celebrity fitness, fitness first and the other craps.....however, imagine my wrath last week as i finished my daily jog around the lake and after washing my eyes with some beautiful sights, the apparatus for the training had been all dismantled most probably by the park management and a stupid laminated notice is displayed on the ground saying "Peralatan sedang Diselenggara"...ooi bring back la the things....already they'd dismantled the whole lot previously leaving behind only 2 machines, now itu dua pun sudah hilang...camne la aku nak eksesais.......pics are attached for grieving is necessary...note..back in my teenage years i used to squat 200lbs with a bench press of almost 150lbs...imagine how powerful i was...hahhahhah...

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