Saturday, July 26, 2008

Work and work....

i couldnt care less to bother you guys who reads my ramblings (if there is anyone ..hummpph) with my working life and so on....early morning meetings with govt crapheads had made me into a monotonous self inflicted boredom sticked human being....i am rambling in the meetings....nearly said the 'f' word to an arse in the meeting and of course i did not as my boss had cooled me usual i proceeded with the formal malay (its not a boast factor but i am well known for my oratory skills in malay...cheewahhhh), in the end i managed to resolve some urgent matters without losing any important income for the company (not that im gonna be rewarded with something) but as my boss said, thats part of the job (i say bullshit). Anyway, i had to arrange for some important things after the meeting resulting in a trip to the dreaded KL on a beautiful saturday morning (26 July 2008) to monitor the outcome of my phone arrangements. As usual, working as a parking attendant is really hectic and the uniform sucks (hahhahhahhah).......luckily the people im working with are well mannered and cultured hence certain amount of difficulties during working hours and resolved amicably....thats all la for now...a bit sleepy as i just got back from the Pasar Borong Sri Kembangan as usual on a friday nite after a dinner at DTandoor Subang is mediocre but i think my champion Vinithaa loved the ambiance....anyway im retiring for now....good day ahead for all of u..if any!!!

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