Thursday, July 17, 2008

Joy oh Joy!!

Remember my earlier post about the training apparatus at the commonwealth park....guess what, its all back and what made me joyous to the max is all the equipments are the new models with ability to work out numerous group of body for all of u so call fitness freaks who were forced to sign up for the colourful and bullcraps such as fiftenss firts (fitness first hahha) and cal fitness and so on, QUIT and come enjoy the free ride that had been provided by the government (even though they are actually killing us thru the oil price and so on). All included which is cardio and muscle workout....and for those who needs to exercise their iris and cornea (eyes la), there is a whole lot of 'scenery' to watch out for also...check out the pics...even though the equipments are still unusable as the cement works are still not completed but the things are still in their plastic last! FOOOOOH!

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