Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visitors, everyday to the house without fail......

hi guys...its been a while now since I've posted any news on the updates all around me due to the hectic schedule and planning a short trip up north next week for the function at my auntie's house doubled up with a short runaround within the pearl of the orient....

however, the actual reason I'm typing this post is to show to you all that I've been receiving visitors in the form of singing pigeons everyday almost 2-3 times courtesy of my youngest, Delishaa. We do not know how'd she befriended this creatures by they seems not to be perturbed vy her presence whenever they pay their visits, but the moment her elder sister Vinithaa moves into the fray they will bolt out for their lives......I've managed to snap several pics for your viewing during one of their visits last weekend which is attached on top of this post......please bear in mind that i was actually a bit worried when the pigeons started frequenting the house since they have been considered a pest and known to bring diseases but my checking with ppl who know and have experience in this matter revealed that this type of pigeon is not easily found within the normal pigeon community and moves separately hence they have a lesser chance in spreading any contagious diseases!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Salam sejahtera …..pagi2 ni aku dah kena sembur dengan air sampah versi mulot dari minah2 kat office aku…aku pun tak tau kenapa depa ni walaupun pompuan tapi tak tau jaga kebersihan mulot..ptuihh macam bau taik lembu kering n kekadang kalau korang nak tau bau mulot depa ni cuba method ni, tong sampah lepas buang semua kandungan dia cuba korang hidu dalam2 bau dia..hah macam tulah bau mulot depa nie…pungkok lembu pun kalah…aku pun tak tau knape sejak dari dulu lagi memang kengkawan aku mahupun orang 2 kt tempat yang aku keje ni memang aka nada kes bau mulot busok nih….sifu chris, ang kung suk, broyo, kak zaleha, lan pengkau, kamal pendek, ah the list can go on….susah sangat ke flos gigi dengan kumor pakai Listerine at least once a day…..i dunno how long can I take this torment sampai satu hari aku termuntah dalam mulot depa baru tau…………..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

myMetro | Kereta wanita hamil dipancit

when we used to take of this assignment, never before this kinda crappy things had ever occured....and even when the HKL mgmt requested us to enforce clamping and towing we always insisted on the technicalities and bylaws of the local council...i guess when little napoleons rules, matters like this become article from harian metro on friday 15 April 2011.......

Kereta wanita hamil dipancit

Oleh Raja Noraina Raja Rahim dan Mohd Haiqal Bokhari

KUALA LUMPUR: “Sudahlah saya mengandung tujuh bulan dan sakit, mereka langsung tidak berhati perut,” itu luahan Noraishah Rejab, 35, apabila tayar keretanya sengaja dipancitkan sekumpulan penjaga tempat letak kereta di Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), di sini, sebelum ditunda ke kawasan khas, semalam.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 10 pagi itu, Noraishah yang ditemani suaminya ke HKL untuk membuat pemeriksaan dan gagal mencari tempat letak kereta.

“Saya yang tidak mampu menahan kesakitan meminta suami menghantar di hadapan pintu utama wad bersalin sebelum dia mencari tempat meletakkan kenderaan.

“Selepas berjumpa doktor, saya diarahkan memanggil suami dan akibat terdesak, suami meletakkan kenderaan secara bertindih di belakang kenderaan lain,” katanya ketika ditemui, semalam.

Bagaimanapun, suaminya tidak menarik brek tangan bagi memudahkan kenderaan yang dihalang itu keluar.

Katanya, sebaik tiba di tempat letak kereta dua jam kemudian, mereka terkejut selepas mendapati kenderaan hilang dan pengawal keselamatan memaklumkan kenderaan mereka ditunda sekumpulan lelaki yang diberi kontrak mengawasi kawasan letak kenderaan itu.

Noraishah yang mengandung anak keempat mendakwa terpaksa menahan kesakitan berjalan bersama suami lebih tiga kilometer untuk mengambil Naza Citra itu.

Menurutnya, ketika berunding dengan kumpulan lelaki terbabit, mereka dimaki-hamun sebelum dipaksa membayar RM250.

“Saya merayu mereka mengurangkan bayaran itu selepas memberi penjelasan, namun mereka menengking, malah cuba menumbuk suami saya.

“Saya dan suami pergi ke balai polis berhampiran membuat laporan. Berikutan itu, lelaki terbabit ‘melepaskan’ kereta saya, malangnya satu daripada tayar kereta saya kempis dipercayai sengaja dipancitkan akibat tidak berpuas hati,” katanya.

Sementara itu, pihak syarikat yang menguruskan tempat letak kereta di HKL iaitu Syarikat Bismark menafikan pihaknya bertindak kasar terhadap pasangan terbabit.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being Frank : No Indians Please!!!!

This article was a real heartbreaker for me when i read it today in the Malay Mail by Frankie D' Cruz.

Read it in whole and it will make any indians (like me) quiver, not with anger but sadness and anguish but whether people like believes it or not, that the nature of the society that perceptively looks at people like me nowadays. Please mind that i am continuously using "people like me" phrase which directly refers to indians who are heavily colored.....bluntly darker skinned (always taken for indian nationals from the southern india) i.e. someone like me. Lemme relate an incident which had happened to me about 6 years ago when i was between jobs and unreliable employment and i ended up answering a vacancy in a newspaper and subsequently sent my resume to...the gentleman who conducted the interview seems did not noticed that i am an indian (dark) hence called me for an interview and had a shock of his lifetime when he saw a man in my stature entering his office. Then the bombardment started, what is your bank balance, do u own a car, how many months were the car installment in arrears, what is your credit card balance, bla bla had boiled me to a point of which i stopped him from going further and told him to keep his job for his farking jelly bean yellow and brown skinned personnel which he might hire in future.....the discrimination still exists heavily in our society where people thinks that intelligence is determined by the colour of the skin, if you are an indian are you from the northern part coz if you are, you're much intelligent and a beautiful person than those from the filthy and dirty south!!! You all get what i mean, but mind you i am not at all intimidated by this kinda reactions and perception coz the bane of my existence is my culture and my history and not some bloody forsaken and silver spoonfed racist m#th@r farkin ass*ol%s and i submit to these facts before i react to any pokes of racism aimed at me ..........but for now, thanks brother Frankie for your findings.....!!!!

A CLASSIFIED advertisement for the rental of a high-end condominium in Kuala Lumpur appallingly asserts NO INDIANS — throwing up a regrettable case of selective bias.

It was the first time in local English media that I had come across a downright racist advertisement that steered prospective Indian tenants away.

It was not meant for Indian nationals — it applied to any Indian, including me. I may be accused of overstepping racial lines but the advertisement in a national daily by a Malaysian Chinese lady working and living in Sydney, Australia, takes Indian bashing here to new depths of shame.

The advertisement by the owner, a radiologist, for rental of her apartment suite at Bistari condominium near the PWTC and The Mall explicitly states “No Indians”, something so bold and blunt unseen in the housing ads of newspapers.

Her problem with Indians: curry! She would not have her tenant cooking up a "toxic" cloud of curry fumes that permeates the entire 1,500 sq ft suite.

I asked her property agent: “Are Indians the only ones who cook curry?” “Are Indians the only ones who enjoy curry?"

Asked if the advertisement that specified "No Indians" was prejudiced, she said it was a condition by the owner that would be in the tenancy agreement.

There is, however, no legal position on people stirring overpowering and lingering whiffs in apartments.

Real estate negotiators and lawyers tell me there is nothing in a contract that can get a tenant evicted for cooking curry. Clearly, in this case Indians are being treated less favourably than other tenants when we know housing discrimination is unlawful and unacceptable.

If you don’t want an Indian tenant, you don’t have to broadcast it to the whole world. Deal with it privately and sensibly instead of indulging in racial steering.

It’s beyond me why the newspaper published the discriminatory “No Indians” condition when it monitors ads for other reasons, such as obscenity and deceptive advertising. It cannot argue that monitoring for discriminatory messages was a burden as the practice of racial steering is provocative and bears serious social ramifications.

The right thing to do would be to pass on to regulatory authorities the details of those individuals who post discriminatory ads that excluded prospective tenants on the basis of race, gender, family status, marital status, national origin, and religion.

To evaluate owner-sentiment toward Indian tenants, a Being Frank enquiry was launched over the weekend with visits to six high-end apartment suites in various parts of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

I was the prospective tenant, with "four children" and in all cases, the owners found me, meaning an Indian, a liability:

● One told the agent, who accompanied me, Indians make too much noise and create a mess. However, when I offered him RM300 extra a month for the RM2,100 apartment, he accepted.

● Another said Indians were known to be quarrelsome “so that won't work out”.

● Three of them said four kids were too many, so “No children”.

● One asked me what car I drove and wanted a letter from my company stating my position and a copy of the monthly pay slip. He obviously didn’t trust this Indian.

The owners of two other apartments I was scheduled to see told their agents not to show the units to Indians. Their contention: Indians are messy, too loud and do not give the apartment complex a good image.

I was astonished and can conclude that fair and equal access to housing is not a cornerstone of our society. Equal access to housing in Malaysia is a fundamental right and this nation should not tolerate discrimination in housing.

Few things are more fundamental to success and happiness than having a safe place to live.

The government should actively pursue these concerns with the goal of fairness and equity for all.

Admittedly, there are differences in our culture and social practices but such blatant profiling of any ethnicity is destructive to society. It’s just pure pomposity — conceit that causes human relationships to be lost, self-righteousness that causes the trust to be lost too.

There may be good reasons for excluding certain troublesome types or undesirables, but whole scale social exclusion is divisive and is the thin end of a more sinister mindset.

Let us treat this responsibility as an opportunity. A chance to take stock, to ask ourselves: how did it come to this? Is it a material, genetic or self-inflicted deficiency that has led one to ignore co-existing in harmony?

The first step to rehabilitation is to recognise you have a problem.