Thursday, August 7, 2008

Badminton and Nasi Kerabu!!!

what and odd combination heh....but somehow or rather, i like the similarities and connection...not anything subjective though, but since i had that scrumptious nasi kerabu dinner after the badminton game at Goodyear Court 10 Subang Jaya last month, i am addicted to the extent of calling my colleagues early in the morning to 'ta pau' for me the delicious meal from the road side stall at the Kinrara Army Camp....tak kenal maka tak sayang...most (mostly non-malays) of you all most probably never had this meal or even heard about it but i tried it long time ago whilst still schooling but never really had a craving for it ever since...but since that dinner at Nabir's house after the racquet game, im hooked to it already.....the minced fish with grated coconut, all the raw vegetables cut into tiny pieces, fried fish with a choice of chicken or beef, the cooked budu and the hot know for most of you it sounds disgusting but once tried never let go , had no problem in adapting to Malay eating culture as i grew up in a malay community and most of my friends are malays anyway....badminton anyway had became a very frequent affair for almost all of the operations dept guys in my company...kinda proud with it as the first move was initiated by me and it had became a craze eversince...last month collections for the game itself had touched RM700...impressive even though its necessary as the shuttlecocks are quite expensive nowadays....enough of my ramblings for today...a bit pissed off with the road condition for this morning due to the stupid road blocks ....see ya again soon!!!!