Monday, October 6, 2008


everytime i go back to the countless number of snapshots i have of my angels, i keep reminiscing the moments i have with them every single day...for example this pic...she must be abt 5-6 months old...the cuteness and the way she look at me every time...thats including my other angel too anyway, i.e. my case she reads this..I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

When i was still a jailbird!!!

ah...the old days...while my hair was still fully loaded, moustache and goatee along.....and the weight of 90 kilos plus...those were the days I long for the weekend to meet my lovely mom back at the hometown...counting my days over the week....anyway, my reputation as the Irritator was a long standing achievement that I held for quite some time...the latest is towards my honey bun as per the post before this.....just another rambling of mine......
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Thats what she might say when she can talk properly...


hhahhahahha....not quite sufficed whilst playing with her, i tend to irritate her recently as she tends to play with her being the usual self always tries to carry her, play catch and lock and so on...but somehow or rather i sense that she might be saying those words to me in due time!!!! you have to grow so fast pumpkin.....
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