Saturday, July 26, 2008

Work and work....

i couldnt care less to bother you guys who reads my ramblings (if there is anyone ..hummpph) with my working life and so on....early morning meetings with govt crapheads had made me into a monotonous self inflicted boredom sticked human being....i am rambling in the meetings....nearly said the 'f' word to an arse in the meeting and of course i did not as my boss had cooled me usual i proceeded with the formal malay (its not a boast factor but i am well known for my oratory skills in malay...cheewahhhh), in the end i managed to resolve some urgent matters without losing any important income for the company (not that im gonna be rewarded with something) but as my boss said, thats part of the job (i say bullshit). Anyway, i had to arrange for some important things after the meeting resulting in a trip to the dreaded KL on a beautiful saturday morning (26 July 2008) to monitor the outcome of my phone arrangements. As usual, working as a parking attendant is really hectic and the uniform sucks (hahhahhahhah).......luckily the people im working with are well mannered and cultured hence certain amount of difficulties during working hours and resolved amicably....thats all la for now...a bit sleepy as i just got back from the Pasar Borong Sri Kembangan as usual on a friday nite after a dinner at DTandoor Subang is mediocre but i think my champion Vinithaa loved the ambiance....anyway im retiring for now....good day ahead for all of u..if any!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

it has been 21 years as of today...21 years since my second eldest brother passed away....time seems to fly over these years...though sometimes i wonder whether his memories had been permanently erased from the banks of my mind but i think thats impossible....impossible due to the fact the kind of brotherly relationship i had with him....its seems like a far away memory the time i had cherished with him and now during my lonely times i long for the company....friends, thats how i can easily describe my relationship with him...even though he can be a pest at most of times, i guess thats just because my age which is always considered as a kiddy in the house....i can imagine how the relationship will be if he is alive and kicking with all of us now...but i guess his time is counted short on that dreaded day...i can still remember, after my mid term exams, i enjoyed so much in the school with friends, took the bus to get back home, the moment i went down at the main road i saw my eldest bro in a motorbike asking me to get back home and i was still in the dark until i get back home...from there onwards, my mind was like in a autopilot, everything seems to pass in slow motion....ahhh...there i go again...reminiscing old unnecessary moments...

anyway, we're doing a small prayers in the house today, not to remember his death or to give food for his soul, take it as a celebration for the colourful despite short life he had with all of us...."We started the race together, though you finished the race earlier, ill be looking for you at the gates of heaven, wait for me my dear bro"......RIP!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Joy oh Joy!!

Remember my earlier post about the training apparatus at the commonwealth park....guess what, its all back and what made me joyous to the max is all the equipments are the new models with ability to work out numerous group of body for all of u so call fitness freaks who were forced to sign up for the colourful and bullcraps such as fiftenss firts (fitness first hahha) and cal fitness and so on, QUIT and come enjoy the free ride that had been provided by the government (even though they are actually killing us thru the oil price and so on). All included which is cardio and muscle workout....and for those who needs to exercise their iris and cornea (eyes la), there is a whole lot of 'scenery' to watch out for also...check out the pics...even though the equipments are still unusable as the cement works are still not completed but the things are still in their plastic last! FOOOOOH!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trying to be fit and healthy!!!!

nevertheless thats the word for the past two months..hehhe....i have been jogging, lightweight training and most importantly involved in badminton (not "bed"minton) and soccer just to bring back my old fitness level hence the waistline i used to adorn of the venue that i frequent is the commonwealth park at the bukit jalil vicinity as it has the free version of the weight training hardware's and furthermore i dun much believe in the fitness craze that has been washing all over quite recently such as the celebrity fitness, fitness first and the other craps.....however, imagine my wrath last week as i finished my daily jog around the lake and after washing my eyes with some beautiful sights, the apparatus for the training had been all dismantled most probably by the park management and a stupid laminated notice is displayed on the ground saying "Peralatan sedang Diselenggara"...ooi bring back la the things....already they'd dismantled the whole lot previously leaving behind only 2 machines, now itu dua pun sudah hilang...camne la aku nak are attached for grieving is necessary...note..back in my teenage years i used to squat 200lbs with a bench press of almost 150lbs...imagine how powerful i was...hahhahhah...