Monday, May 16, 2011

Ratha Curry House, Bdr Puteri Puchong

sorry guys but this is not a food blog but here and there i always try to touch and talk about one of my favorite things in life i.e. good food..this eve being a day off i took from work, all of us went to the Bdr Puteri Giant to buy some family necessities .....and its definitely normal after such purchase i always end up bringing them for food or at least a drink reason being i ended up in this restaurant which is just located besid the kayu nasi kandar (why i did not choose kayu instead)..ordered a cows milk tea, my other half a normal teh tarik and my bubble a iced milo, for a chow i've ordered 6 vadais and 1 curry puff...avoid this place like a plaque coz the food is lousy and the cows mile tea is actually filled with powdered milk and not the real is mediocre and i can see by the people patronizing this outlet....ambiance is so n so..the toilet was clean but i saw some flies inside it which was disgusting enough.....the kitchen, i've managed to peen on the way to the restroom, was the same as any other indian restaurants i.e. still shaggy and judgement is this outlet wan't be there for long@!!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pearl of the Orient!!!!

Guess what..I just completed my foodie tour of the penang island and the truth is, i'm quite impressed with the outcome..the research I did before embarking on the tour was well worth it and the actual runaround within the island proved that indeed good food really exist within the nook and cranny of Malaysia especially within the island itself..I told my other half that the visit to my auntie's house in Bkt Tambun and the Penang island will be more concentrated in food hunting escapades which I've planned quite extensively and guess what, thats what we did more than staying in the hotel alternated with visiting some landmarks in the island itself....the Char Kuey Tiow at Lebuh Kimberley (did not visited the Jalan Selamat fierce lady CKT but we did went to the Sister's CKT at Heng Lam cafe but its a total disappointment but the yam cake and the nyonya kueh's was pretty darn good), Anson Park food court for the curry mee, wanton mee. lor bak koh, che cheong fun (nothing compared to the Teluk Intan's one), Hammediyah's nasi kandar and murtabak (nice place and food but quite pricay but what the heck not everyday), geese biryani (strange but nice) at Zainal (i dunno the actual name coz i tend to forget fast) at Lebuh Chulia, tandoori and naan at Restoran Kapitan doubled with their special almond milk ( the crown jewel of this shop i guess) and numerous road side stalls which i've stopped here and there .....unfortunately i didn't try the teowchew chendol and the famous island ABC stalls due to the cough i've had for the past 3 weeks...pretty much i've covered abt 25% of the targeted places which was initially planned and another trip will be there soon as i plan to complete the whole tour the next time im stepping my foot on the island again....foods are fresh and aplenty, cheap and affordable, clean compared to KL standard and reachable at any point of time....mamak foods especially is not like what we've grown accustomed too here as they are practically fresh and does not pose any harm to the stomach but you have to be careful due to the cholesterol and fat level which may increase in your BMI...the char kuey teows despite all the hype i've read on the net was nothing much to shout about compared to my hometowns version near the old rex theatre, the skinny cyclists shop in front of the famous Men's Design tailor was much much better than the island's numerous version with the even coating of egg onto the stringy flour and the generous amount of lap cheong and blood cockles.....the curry me at 100 tahun does live up to its hype coz the taste does evoke your senses....the hotel we stayed was pretty average and the breakfast was quite a disappointment despite the 4 star status they claim and considering it was called Sheraton before time its definitely goin to be the HardRock at Feringghi, the only reason we've skipped the HardRock was due to the distance from George Town but i'm willing to take my chance the next time around as my other half always emphasized on the comfort of the place of stay due to my two wonders as they like to spend more time in the hotel playing around the pool and loving the ambiance of the surroundings....the Dhammikarma and Wat Chaiyamangalaram was awesome and eye opener.....Cornwallis was classic despite some untidiness within the fort itself......the teochew clanhouse was also a beautiful piece of the island despite the pricey Cheong Fat Tze and the uneventful Kek Lok Si venture.....Penang still lingers in the mind and i'm pretty sure that this feet will step again over there at the soonest.........