Friday, April 25, 2008

Is this a BLOG????

is this a blog..effectively??? yeah yeah, for those who have been passing thru this blog by reading the ramblings ive entered without any remarks, that could pose as a valid query..but what am i doing here.......THE ANSWER...its not just something that i do to follow the lot, it seems nowadays every Tom, DICK and Harry have their own blog...but ME...naaaahhh!!! Lemme take you all back, hmmmmmm lets say 15 years ago...while i was still stooping around in secondary school...i have no habit of keeping a diary, though i did have a worn out scrap book, of which i scrabbled some stupid compositions and short stories just for the sake of fun. It does make fun of some people around me at most, and friends that had a chance to read it really enjoyed it and laughed to the max. However, this blog is not targeted to have the same effect as the scrap book of which is it is most of u souls will never even bother to read the rest as most of the writings will be extreme in all sense...anyway, of with that..mothers day is comin, just around the corner...last year with my daughter still 4 months old plus i sent my wifey a card on behalf of her....still thinking what to do for this year ....maybe ill get a enlightenment soon which of course ill update here...till then...adios amigos!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Free at last, free at last, Thanks GOD Almighty, we're free at last!!

quoting the great Reverend Martin Luther King's famous words..i think it still does not suit our community down here in this great country as oppression is still the middle of the govt..wht is freedom of speech (the only freedom i guess is more on the cyber space which might be controlled on the near future)...publication permit not continued...these are part of the hurdles that we have to face in the current ongoing affairs of the is unfair but definitely we do not need and unGodly intervention by humans to make it much worse. My job hunting days when i stopped work at a financial institution (after almost 8 years of unappreciated dog work) i was jobless for almost 9 months with a temporary attachment with a govt consultancy body for contractors (i was not called a govt staff still) whereby the pay was a meager allowance of RM500 which is not even enough for my monthly car installments (by the way it was twice close to repossession) and the end was a bitter pill for me to swallow as it has ended abruptly without a single notice from them. Those 9 months was total misery as i wake up early in the morning to send my gf (now wife and mother of my daughter) to work, i would stop by the roadside and look at all the ppls going to work and comparing myself to them...i do had some support from certain parties i.e. my gf, dad and my mil (mother in law)..however back to my job hunting many interviews i attended which most of them ended when the interviewer sees me walking in into the room and realising that im and Indian (oops i think thats the wrong word to use as Indians do have a wide meaning..correcting myself ---> as a Tamillian). I guess they were dumb enough to realize that im a tamillian by looking at a/l or s/o acronyms in the application forms. I know that being a tamillian in this country i had already lost 50% of my chance of going through the interview process when i go to any interviews during my tenure as a jobless man..however, hope is not something that i lose or take for is one of the pillar i had during those days...countless days spent looking at the ocean and swamps (in PD) and the pressure that i was in could've even prompted others to attempt suicide however sanity is always there for me....i have a job now, a job that i am proud of even though i am only a parking attendant (hehheh) but i do provide a lots of souls who are in the same predicament that i went through during those days a chance of reviving their least that the only thing i can do to give them a fair chance of obtaining a proper job as to pay their bills and so on knowing that they have 50% lesser chance of getting a proper my word i still think that we are not that free actually at least for the current moment.....