Friday, April 25, 2008

Is this a BLOG????

is this a blog..effectively??? yeah yeah, for those who have been passing thru this blog by reading the ramblings ive entered without any remarks, that could pose as a valid query..but what am i doing here.......THE ANSWER...its not just something that i do to follow the lot, it seems nowadays every Tom, DICK and Harry have their own blog...but ME...naaaahhh!!! Lemme take you all back, hmmmmmm lets say 15 years ago...while i was still stooping around in secondary school...i have no habit of keeping a diary, though i did have a worn out scrap book, of which i scrabbled some stupid compositions and short stories just for the sake of fun. It does make fun of some people around me at most, and friends that had a chance to read it really enjoyed it and laughed to the max. However, this blog is not targeted to have the same effect as the scrap book of which is it is most of u souls will never even bother to read the rest as most of the writings will be extreme in all sense...anyway, of with that..mothers day is comin, just around the corner...last year with my daughter still 4 months old plus i sent my wifey a card on behalf of her....still thinking what to do for this year ....maybe ill get a enlightenment soon which of course ill update here...till then...adios amigos!!!!

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