Thursday, May 1, 2008

3 stitches after!!!

my wife requested me to make chicken curry that weekend...i guess it was the 30/ with the enthusiasm like a child who is going to have his first bicycle (or "bacheh" according to my little one) ride, woke up early and started cooking....but no...i like super sharp knives to do the cutting so i decided to sharpen it with the high grade carborundum stone i bought last time..after about 6-7 friction after made the movement much faster and thats when the tragedy struck...i've cut my thumb at the connecting point to the palm...blood everywhere, wife and the maid was dumbstruck, dunno wht to do, and i had to wrap the hand with a bandanna i bought 10-13 years ago (skull design) and head on to the nearest reliable hospital i.e. The Columbia Medical centre, but unfortunately the locum in charge made a hasty job...3 stitches after i went back home and had to wait for another week to open back the whole thing...anyway it took 3 complete weeks to heal properly even though now i do have occasional pricking pain at the area...see the pics for a clear careful with ur knives....

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