Monday, July 26, 2010

The Gleaneagles trip !!!

today she got me worried again after saturdays incident of which she called me again at 1030 telling me it could be the kidney issue as she's been having the back pain for the past 2 off i go from the office like a bullet using the powerful malaysian animal to fetch her at Dion straight to GIMC ampang.....after a short wait at the A&E dept, one dr dharminder (i dunno whats with this PUNJABI docs who always ended up treating her) had attended her and proceeded to do some blood/urine profiling and a definite x ray for her back....a lunch of tomato soup. pasta bolognaise, chocolate shake and a very strong espresso machiatto at the ground floor Dome after we got back to the doc's room for the verdict..Gods grace nothing wrong with the Kidney but however her cholesterol level is quite alarming hence a very strict regiment of exercise and diet is required..first a regiment of medicine to be prescribed by the same doc this coming saturday the 31st of July which is also her next appt..a thorough medical checkup is due for me anytime soon as the family of mine is laced with diabetics, bp and heart related sickness...sigh..hope everything will be all right....

socializing on/in the net!!!

prior to the birth of the first angel of mine, i was actually a total stranger to all of the social community sites i.e. fb and friendster alike but since the birth of her somehow or rather i was also got hooked up to this kinda webbies and started to update here and then some updates about the family and so on. However even though the accounts was opened about 3-4 years ago, only quite recently i've been reaping the seed that was sown way way back as i had succesfully reconnected with quite a number of long lost friends which i did not actually expect would mingle around in the virtual world. Since then everyday would be a day full of anticipation in finding out who had actually added me to their friends list as the list is getting larger day by day....thats the wonder of technology i guess.....anyway the fever had subsided with the antibiotics and fever meds regiment that Dr Nirlaip of Segare Puchong had given me...hope all ends well eventually...Cheers...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

subsidies my ass!!!

read this whole shitty fuel story in the morning's which will make a lots of malaysians ans singaporeans happy..what a scheme and a total mess up of the implementation strategy...chain effects, the ppl gonna end up suffering more....guess its a wise decision for me to use my dad's car more since its quite an economical vehicle..but sigh!!!

Singaporeans are complaining that a ruling banning foreign-registered vehicles from filling up with RON 95 petrol is unfair to them.

They are also confused about

whether they are totally prohibited from buying petrol in Malaysia or if they are allowed to buy limited quantities of lower grade fuel.

For most Singaporeans, apparently, it is the cheaper fuel here that draws them to Malaysia and Johor in particular.

Singaporean civil servant Tok Eng Seng, 38, said the frequent changes in the petrol ruling were confusing.

“We spend a lot of money here and we should be allowed to fill up with whichever type of petrol we want,” he added.

Another Singaporean, property agent Eric Tan, 43, said the lower price of fuel was the only attraction that led to many Singaporeans coming to the state.

“I believe sales of products in Johor Baru will go down once the ruling is enforced,” he said, adding that the move was bad for Malaysia’s tourism.

Art, photography and design executive Alex Soh, 37, also felt that many Singaporeans would not come to Johor if the price of petrol was increased.

“Cheaper petrol is one of the major attractions,” he added.

Derrick Cheng, 53, said many Singaporeans were unclear about the issue.

“I heard people saying that the price of petrol would go up while others say that we (Singaporeans) can still buy the lower grade of petrol but are only allowed to purchase 20 litres,” he said.

“It is unfair to charge separate rates for foreigners because it doesn’t comply with the free trade system that is supposed to be practised by the Malaysian Government,” he added.

Salesman Ken Tan, 28, said there were traffic jams at the Causeway and because of that, many Singaporeans expected cheaper petrol when they return to their country.

Brandon Teh, 26, a Malaysian who drives a Singapore-registered car, is even more puzzled by the changes in petrol purchase.

“I am a Malaysian and I deserve to get subsidised fuel. But now, I’m stuck,” said the sales executive.

Friday, July 23, 2010

good ole friend of mine....

a name that im omitting as the contents is quite offensive at least towards him however deep in my heart im longing for him to bump into my blog and actually read this entry to know what i really feel about him...countless number of boasting and lies he always tells every time the quorum meets...i cant even tell you things that he kelentongs about in his endless tirades but however ultimately this habit of his is rui9ning and destroying his life who is is actually married and father of two at this current moment......oh GOD, please recuperate this asshole of his civilian/army mindset and let him get the fuck on with his life..............CRY HAVOC AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ha ha....its been a while since i last wrote in this pretty outdated so call blog of mine but here i am again....actually this whole year, at least so far had been quite an hectic filled schedule year for me...i.e. the birth of Delishaa (actually this was last year), the running around, some passing away for in law's family members, the overhaulin of the car (dad's), the Buku Hijau project, the new assignments, fixing of roof, the battery adventure of the Hyundai, the reformatting of the pc, harvin throwing away the 15 years old Lois buttonfly, uncountable sacrificed underwears, the meeting of the old quorum, raja and me changing many things that i cant even imagine to mention in this blog of mine...please dont bother asking anyway..however, i am still as happy as the good ole dog you all knew since all along plus the happiness im gaining every day with the people i call family and friends....ill catch up soon with the latest info in the blogosphere world....till then, aya ka rumbaaaaaaa!!!!!