Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ha ha....its been a while since i last wrote in this pretty outdated so call blog of mine but here i am again....actually this whole year, at least so far had been quite an hectic filled schedule year for me...i.e. the birth of Delishaa (actually this was last year), the running around, some passing away for in law's family members, the overhaulin of the car (dad's), the Buku Hijau project, the new assignments, fixing of roof, the battery adventure of the Hyundai, the reformatting of the pc, harvin throwing away the 15 years old Lois buttonfly, uncountable sacrificed underwears, the meeting of the old quorum, raja and me changing many things that i cant even imagine to mention in this blog of mine...please dont bother asking anyway..however, i am still as happy as the good ole dog you all knew since all along plus the happiness im gaining every day with the people i call family and friends....ill catch up soon with the latest info in the blogosphere world....till then, aya ka rumbaaaaaaa!!!!!

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