Monday, July 26, 2010

socializing on/in the net!!!

prior to the birth of the first angel of mine, i was actually a total stranger to all of the social community sites i.e. fb and friendster alike but since the birth of her somehow or rather i was also got hooked up to this kinda webbies and started to update here and then some updates about the family and so on. However even though the accounts was opened about 3-4 years ago, only quite recently i've been reaping the seed that was sown way way back as i had succesfully reconnected with quite a number of long lost friends which i did not actually expect would mingle around in the virtual world. Since then everyday would be a day full of anticipation in finding out who had actually added me to their friends list as the list is getting larger day by day....thats the wonder of technology i guess.....anyway the fever had subsided with the antibiotics and fever meds regiment that Dr Nirlaip of Segare Puchong had given me...hope all ends well eventually...Cheers...

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