Monday, July 26, 2010

The Gleaneagles trip !!!

today she got me worried again after saturdays incident of which she called me again at 1030 telling me it could be the kidney issue as she's been having the back pain for the past 2 off i go from the office like a bullet using the powerful malaysian animal to fetch her at Dion straight to GIMC ampang.....after a short wait at the A&E dept, one dr dharminder (i dunno whats with this PUNJABI docs who always ended up treating her) had attended her and proceeded to do some blood/urine profiling and a definite x ray for her back....a lunch of tomato soup. pasta bolognaise, chocolate shake and a very strong espresso machiatto at the ground floor Dome after we got back to the doc's room for the verdict..Gods grace nothing wrong with the Kidney but however her cholesterol level is quite alarming hence a very strict regiment of exercise and diet is required..first a regiment of medicine to be prescribed by the same doc this coming saturday the 31st of July which is also her next appt..a thorough medical checkup is due for me anytime soon as the family of mine is laced with diabetics, bp and heart related sickness...sigh..hope everything will be all right....

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