Thursday, February 17, 2011

The dawn of a new era

Hi there readers (though i suspect there are any)...first of all I would like to start todays rant with a sad news, the only friend of mine who'd actually commented on these blog postings i.e. my man Rahiman had passed away last december in UK, a great loss indeed as i look at him as my brother, such a wonderful person with much intelligence but God had summoned him to be early with him....i wish u RIP my man..condolences to the family too. Life had been much the normal it seems since the start of this year, usual expenses associated with the dawn of new year each time, celebrated the new year with grief with the passing of my two grandma's, celebrated the 4th birthday of my eldest princess, albeit subtly...the second one is growing up way way too fast, it seems just like a moment ago i saw the small legs and hands coming out from the mothers womb but look at her now, out of a sudden, trying to walk, talk and hack the walls of the house, ill cherish these moments for the rest of my life coz i know there is no point babbling about missing it all when the age had catched up with you one is having his usual day to day itineraries i.e gardening front, left and right of the house, come and see and you'll will know what i am rambling about, vinithaa is the lover of peanut as i had recently found out..nasi lemak being her favourite item in the morning is not caused by the nasi or the lemak but its actually because of the kacang that accompanies it hence the solution to the whole issue is just omit the nasi lemak but instead buy for her the meehon or mee (once in a while)but add the peanut to it....Me instead is currently a bit occupied with day to day work at the office since the whole company is currently anticipating and preparing for a possible foreign assignment, a major one which i hope turns out positively since its opening a whole new episode in may life if the deal went through, however if its does not go through life still have to go on since day to day life is continuous and neverending...ok guys, lemme start the first post of this year with some bits and pieces here and there and hopefully ill have more time this year to fill up this wall of ramblings with more fun and boring pieces of my day to day life.............and last but not least

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