Wednesday, February 23, 2011

addicted out of a sudden!!

ha ha...not that im addicted of blogging in this lonely virtual space of mine but i just felt the urge to blog another piece of history from my always spinning brain and here it goes.....for the past 2-3 weeks my room (at office)if filled with documents and forms to be settled and closed up with since a major assignment which was used to be operated by the company had to be closed down due to the expiry of the contract..even though the individual amount to be returned to the customers are quite puny, but due to volume of customers who used to be the patrons had made the sum to be reimbursed quite a hefty here i am, staying back late almost everyday to settle this particular exercise at the shortest time possible so that other works can be completed and monitored..the latest member of the staff is practically an old car and i just found out yesterday that he is computer there i go at this computer age where almost all of the associates within the organisation communicates and relay information using the computer, this particular "dungu" does not even know where is the shift button on the keyboard...somehow or rather his attitude made me reminisced about an ex staff of mine who was terminated after 5 months of employment...this particular spot which is currently filled in by this computer whiz is naturally a hot spot due to the amount of turnovers that had happened for the past 2 years, if im not wrong almost 6 times in the number of replacement it had seen...lets see how far this fella goes..............hmmmpphhhhhh!!!!

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