Saturday, March 29, 2008

boy oh boy, looking at this picture surely does brings back a lots of memories of the good old being a very much happy traveler truly brought us around for outings and picnics and also he does throw around parties quite often in the house...but to tell the truth its very hard for me to recall a memory of which i can imagine my family being in whole coz its has been so so long...second bro aka Ramesh anne (the extreme right guy in the pic) had passed away long time ago when he was 15 (if im not wrong the date was 21/7/1987), really do missed him sometimes coz i was very close to him and i do remember some of the code words we used to use in the house those days to avoid my moms attention...and mom had passed away five years ago, one of the biggest blow in my life...but what to do, life has to go on...i got married and now i have a beautiful daughter, would cherish each and every minute of my moments with i feel what does my parents felt with all three of us...i'd love to listen to them whenever the boasts about us to others..just like what i like to do now with my have to be a parent to know that feeling..thank GOD i was blessed with this gift...but coming back to old memories, since im already a parent now, sometimes i feel very guilty thinking about some things i did in my past such as being angry to my parents and going against them..especially now that mom had passed away its much heart wrenching..sometimes i do sit down with dad talking about the good old days and reminisce the lesson i have learnt is cherish ur each and every moment with ur loved ones coz one fine day someone gonna look back into the old albums and have some very sweet memories about the photograph they are looking at!!! You wouldnt wanna leave any bad memories arent you???

Friday, March 21, 2008

Self Exam!!

my God this crap is funny as hell.....found it while surfing the net some time ago..just posted it here for you all to cherish!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Food Hunting

after watching numerous food hunting shows in AFC and the travel channel, i did start my own food searching adventures by probing certain stalls around the vicinity that i live and work and wallah, to my surprise i did find some interesting galores that i've been missing all the start with, the nasi lemak stall (RA Nasi Lemak) at Jalan Raja Alang after Wilayah Complex, the nasi is so succulent and much-much better than the antarabangsa one....curry me at 928 in Bandar Puteri Puchong (there is a number but look for the old and lovely chinese nyonya with a mole on her cheek) my good Lord, the kari is so thick and makes ur nose drip....chee cheong fun and Jalan Pasir Bedamar in Teluk Intan my hometown, no fight la kawan, i know quite a number of stalls in Klang Valley do boast by flashing signboards saying"Teluk Intan Chee Cheong FUn" but its nowhere close la. The original one boasts a hefty sum of dried prawns or pork and spring onions and not served with the sauce, but with pickled chillies, and one more thing that Teluk Intan boasts is the Tau Sar Pneah's la....roti canai used to be good at the Sri Melur outlets all around but its a history now as the quality had deteriorated much, i still remember one stall at bangsar near the klinik kesihatan where the mamu prepares a special prawn curry concoction that goes really well with the dhal curry combo...Insaf Restoran's briyani is a must but the price can make u Insaf too....teh tarik also known as teh dangdut at the Lorong Tiong Nam near Chow Kit is a must try too and if u r a tea connoiseur, try Teh Kepala at Restoran Hanifah opposite UKM Faculty at Chow Kit also....potted rice at Bidor, my super favourite la, lup cheong, salted fish, spring onion, succulent chicken meat, muuuuaahhh i love it......

Friday, March 14, 2008

hmmph...mainstream media!!!

today marks the 1 month anniversary of me not reading the local newspapers plainly because im disgusted with the ethics...what a bunch of craps....n even listening to the tv stations also makes me swirl into a sea of madness...wht is happening to this country la....aiyooo....anyway, what matters now is we've managed to rock the boat by doing the right thing last saturday...let us hope that the new company will do better than the previous one as changes are very much needed for the goodness of all....