Monday, July 21, 2008

it has been 21 years as of today...21 years since my second eldest brother passed away....time seems to fly over these years...though sometimes i wonder whether his memories had been permanently erased from the banks of my mind but i think thats impossible....impossible due to the fact the kind of brotherly relationship i had with him....its seems like a far away memory the time i had cherished with him and now during my lonely times i long for the company....friends, thats how i can easily describe my relationship with him...even though he can be a pest at most of times, i guess thats just because my age which is always considered as a kiddy in the house....i can imagine how the relationship will be if he is alive and kicking with all of us now...but i guess his time is counted short on that dreaded day...i can still remember, after my mid term exams, i enjoyed so much in the school with friends, took the bus to get back home, the moment i went down at the main road i saw my eldest bro in a motorbike asking me to get back home and i was still in the dark until i get back home...from there onwards, my mind was like in a autopilot, everything seems to pass in slow motion....ahhh...there i go again...reminiscing old unnecessary moments...

anyway, we're doing a small prayers in the house today, not to remember his death or to give food for his soul, take it as a celebration for the colourful despite short life he had with all of us...."We started the race together, though you finished the race earlier, ill be looking for you at the gates of heaven, wait for me my dear bro"......RIP!!!!

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