Friday, September 26, 2008

How a mannequin can save excessive use of manpower

wah wah wah...i've been passing this stretch of the notorius Tun Razak road (Ring Road 1) opposite the IJN almost everyday but failed to notice this 'guy' doing his work without fail, rain or shine actual after close inspection only i found out that 'he' is actually a mannequin fixed with a moving arm (motorized)to warn road users of the ongoing works at the i wish my company and the related peers can adopt this kinda mechanism in the bussines to replace countless numbers of traffic controllers required to work nonstop during heavy rain and extreme hot condition....of course the cant fully replace all the manpowers that are currently being employed by these companies but i reckon selective usage of this source will enable more productivity output by the current employees as this resources can be used at a more needing area or place...i might have a little chat with my boss and see what can he give me back as the the mean time, do check out this guy while the construction lasts...........
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i saw his name that day..bob