Thursday, September 4, 2008

hmmm...dunno what to say la!!!

hahhahh...that the only word that came to my mind upon looking back at this doubt the scene was play righted but it does paint a thousand question for someone who are looking at it for the first time...after the game at Padang Telekom Semarak of which we lost also....i did the so call despicable act i.e. i 'saifulled' zul the goal keeper....and note the other person in line to join me, you can actually see him getting ready is the Batik Shirt Kumar....hahhahha...see for yerself...comments are very much appreciated since i've been receiving hundreds of them since the blog started...hahahhah

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

bro..itu baju agongs cup ada lagi ka...u takpernah ada baju lain selain ini baju hah..selalu pakai !!!