Saturday, September 13, 2008

How i wish i could turn back the time!

hmmmm....looking at the pic do brings back a lotsa memories back to gramps and elder bro had passed on.....both resulting in a major emptiness in myself, of course i managed to get over it in time but i do sometimes relishes what would it be like if the guys who had left the family forever (including mommy dearest) is still around within us (i do like to believe that spiritually theyre all are still around)....the pic actually depicts the actual relationship we three brothers had with our gramps, us being the first grandchilds of the family....he'd been always very sporting with us...i still remember my primary school days, hardly he missed a day in visiting me during recess time bringing breakfast for me and even my gang...i did not much appreciated it during those days but now even thinking about it makes my eyes glassy.....countless numbers of automatic wrist watches he gave to me and my bros...seiko's and other brands...the talk we had with him whenever he pays us visits...never an average old man...a perfectionist, very calm during crisis...i cant even think one single negative aspect abt this old man...however, my last contact with him always made me feeling guilty even up to this moment..two days before he passed away i had a quarrel with him (not that serious but him being very sensitive towards me, i guess he was a bit taken aback when i argued with him when he asked me to repair my uncle's mobile phone)---> i was a techie freak back then..deep down inside he knows that i adore him, and i do love him more than he can ever imagined...i guess it must have been 13-14 years already since he'd passed away but the memories i had with him is still fresh just like it has happened yesterday......

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