Monday, September 1, 2008

Problem......with the car!!!

For the past two weeks ive been having problem with the car...not that its serious but its just pure pain in the keeps jerking especially in lower gears when the rpm is under gets even worse when climbing uphill....told my wife that the culprit could be the spark plugs as it has not been changed since 40k service and now its already 60k odd....however i continued driving to find out the actual gOD it was agonising when the car kept misfiring and it does takes out the joy of driving....anyway it got to my nerve and at last on the 28 august i had to bring it to my mechanics and get it suspicion was downward right as the spark plug system is the culprit but however i have to change the whole cabling as the faulty cables caused the misfiring....hence the car is a joy to be driven again...i even washed it myself with my old man around today.....usually its a trip to the local car wash stop...hehheh...anyway, keep your safety at the max during this festive and holiday season to keep everyone happy..just to share my expenses, i post herewith the bill for the repair, but dont worry it had been fully paid....

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