Monday, September 15, 2008

wahahhah.....ive been looking for this one for a very long time!

from the right, lemme try recalling their form 5 class.....starting from me (the class monitor), cikgu noh supaat (history), cikgu khairy, puan indrani (science),cik yang (puan noraini hasbollah - geography), puan samsiah raji (class teacher also commerce), puan rokian (english), some ustazah (forgot her name), my favorite bm teacher (cikgu asiah), cikgu nuri (senilukis aka arts) and sudin songkok my deputy.

The girls i dont remember much except for Daisy, Lailawati,Sapariah, Haniza, Norazamimah and Farizan...

The boys standing at the back, from left..Kachang Panjang, Kamal, Sallehuddin, SHanmugam Tetek Lendut, Kumar Botak (aka Mulut Busuk 1), Ravi Suara Kechii, Jeyaganth (Mulut Busuk 2), Isrorudin, Mahathir, Forgotten One, Bob, A'oun, Rahmat, Sanusi and last but not least King Kong (total package of Busuk)!!!

Sorry guys if any one of u came across this blog and got hurt by my rants...hahhahahaha, the hell u are!!!!!!

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