Saturday, December 28, 2013 obsession with the GOD of Qawwali....

dont worry, nothin indecent pretty sure some of you who've read the title would've thought i am about to write something related to vulgarity, since this post is titled NFAK (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan).....anyway, my infatuation to sufism music had been for long...not just a sudden click or caused by some trend of listening, and the liking to this sorts of music is nothing related to religion, since Qawwali and Sufism is very much connected to the great religion of Islam....its just the poetic quality and the deepness of the lyrics, and most importantly the way the music is composed and the singers quality to manipulate his audience with they way he plays with the lyrics, aalaps, clappings of the backing singers, intonation and so on....writing about this music would never do justice as the history is to elaborate and the lineage of these sort of music produces tremendous quality prodigys such as the Ustad (NFAK) favorite song in his enormous renderings of qawwalis is the one titled "Tumhein Dillagi Bhool Jaani Paadegi", a version which i had embedded here for your listening.....ARR is a avid fan of NFAK, these he had iterated many times before and had even incorporated some clipping of his songs in his compositions...enjoy!!!

note  :  this video is uploaded without the intention of intention of infringing any copyrights is just for the sake of spreading the joy of listening a splendid piece of music...if the upload indeed violated anybody's copyright, kindly inform me so that I can remove the upload ASAP!!

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