Thursday, March 21, 2013

Be Safe and never hurts to be prudent!!!

Another set of guides and advice you may find useful in your daily city life....
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1)      Get a pepper spray if possible. A standard one will cost you about RM30+ nowadays. Get something that can be held comfortably for easy usage. But be reminded, only use when necessary. This is not to be used against your friendly neighbourhood colleagues.

2)      If you are in a car park lift alone with another individual, place yourself near the lift buttons. If you are attacked, press all the buttons, the lift will stop at all floors and you might even possibly press the alarm button. This will create some attention and this might save you.

3)      Whenever you are entering a carpark to collect your vehicle, hold the car key. The reason? Because most of the car remote controls do have a function, which is if pressed it will trigger the alarm Most of us will use this function to find the car but actually this is a panic button function. When pressed continuously (if you are in danger or in need) at least it will draw attention and most probably the would be attacker will withdraw. But first before you do this, get a reliable alarm system for your car. No point pressing an alarm controller that has no battery or broken.  If you are alone in a quiet carpark, always try to walk in a lighted area, look out for blind spots such as curves and behind big pillars. If there is someone, the ideal place to hide is here. If you feel something is amiss, get out immediately (or go back to the building or mall )  and seek help. A friendly guy like me would definitely try to help if you ask nicely.  

4)      Always keep your parking ticket with you especially if the carpark uses an autopay system. Most of us fail to do this. Remember, the attacker is not an ad-hoc/impromptu based individual as he had done some research and do study your habits whilst you are in the premise. He will always expect you to come back to the car to collect the ticket prior to making the payment. When he will attack you possibly? When you come back to your vehicle after making the payment. You had made his work easier as you had already validated the ticket and he knows the passage to go out from the carpark is already 50% green as the ticket can be used at the exit point.  If you had the ticket with you all the time, this scenario could be avoided at all cost. However, he may still make his move with or without the abovesaid scenario. If you are attacked anyway, crumple the ticket. Why? To damage the magnetic strip or the coding which will halt an easy exit from the carpark. Remember, this is way much easier for the perpetrator if you are using a Touch n Go or even a season parking card. As such, keep this cards where other can’t see or locate it easily. Remember, Canny Ong was attacked whilst retrieving her parking ticket in this manner at BSC.

5)      When you go to the spot where you parked your car, do not look at the vehicle directly. “This will make the car blush because you are making an eye contact”. That was a joke, seriously. The actual reason not to do this is you will give away your vehicle spot to the perpetrator as he will know where is your vehicle location and he can easily awaits you at the car. Instead look at a different direction and make sudden turns whenever you’ve reached your car to create an element of surprise and will catch them offguard. This suggestion might sounds absurd but a little bit of creativity will save your life and dignity. One more thing, once in your car, lock immediately and get out from the carpark as soon as possible, you can put your lipstick and comb your hair next time as you can’t possibly get much beautiful anyway.

6)      Avoid confrontation if you are attacked. If the perpetrator wants your valuables, surrender it. Do not fight unless you are properly trained or you are the elder sister of Bruce Lee. Sexually motivated attacker will forgo your valuables, hence is this happen shout, scream, wail, struggle, kick, grab as hard as you can. Also find a vehicle and get under it as fast as you can, It is very hard to pull you out from under a vehicles and this will definitely draw attention of others. As much as you can, try not to be grabbed and loaded inside the vehicle of the perpetrators as you might not get out alive from this situations.

7)      Some carparks have installed emergency alert buttons (IOI Mall, Plaza Perangsang, Pavillion). Try to get a parking spot near this buttons as it might be useful in case of need. If you feel certain malls or building is unsafe to be patronized, make your choice of not going there anymore, or if unavoidable, find a nearby parking area which is deemed safe. Tell your friends and colleagues also about this.

8)      Whilst driving, if another vehicle banged your car from the back, check your rear view mirror first. If there are more than one person in the car there is a good chance that the accident is premeditated. Instead of getting out, keep on driving to the nearest police station. Unless you are in the middle of a traffic jam as the accident will be definitely 90% genuine. Of course you can ignore this advice if you’re a tow truck operator.

9)      If the vehicle keep on chasing you, do not get onto a highway. Reason? You will be less noticed as most of the vehicles will be speeding anyway on a highway. Instead, try getting into smaller roads where there are more traffic and buildings along . You can always drive to a police station, fire station, hospital, 24 hours clinic or wherever you think it is safer. There are always some individuals that will go a long way to help others in our country.

10)   Teach your kids not to approach anyone who is stopping by the road and asks for direction. No person in a sound mind would bother to ask a kid for directions.

11)   Tagging you kids with an info tag will be very helpful. I know the idea sounds a bit absurd but parents in western countries do this normally. The tag might contain the parents name, no to contact, address and so on. If your kid are lost anywhere, this will prove to be very helpful to the person who is trying to return them back to you.

The above are just some reminders that I can recall. Prevention is better than cure. Times are bad and criminals are very cold hearted nowadays. Be safe and sound always,


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