Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Fantastic Specimen of Manglish!!

Good morning folks....I've been omitting of paying a visit to this particular assignment of mine which used to be a favorite hang out place but due to the hectic schedule and busy undertakings of recent, frequent visits are being kept in abeyance for a while.

Nevertheless, last Friday I'd dropped by at the place and as usual frequented the men restroom and this particular notice (haphazardly done with an A4 paper) had been pulling my eyes for quite some time but the one I noticed earlier was on a different level and subsequently was taken out, but at this level which I've never been before fortunately, the notice was still there. I bet the photograph itself is sufficient for you all to tabulate the beautiful language and grammar and the way they describe the human waste i.e. your "SHIT"...........enjoy

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